UTT AC750W Dual Band Wireless WiFi Router AC

Oct 02, 2010 Link Aggregation / NIC Bonding on OpenWRT? : openwrt load balance multiple downloads across both connections. It doesn't do any load balancing, it just divides connections using your defined probability across interfaces. It doesn't consider the current link loads. If you started 2 large file downloads there's a chance both will get placed on a … OpenWRT Multiwan ( TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND ) - YouTube May 26, 2012

This tutorial shows how to implement multiple active WAN links, source routing, and fail-over with DD-WRT. This has been tested in dual and triple WAN configurations. Scripts are list-based, so they should support a quad WAN configuration. Multi-WAN Goals and …

Once everything works, you should use the command ' ip route equalize' (search with Google for the syntax) to balance the load, or do a -j MARK --set-mark 0xN00 via iptables to redirect your traffig to WAN1 (0x100) or WAN2 (0x200)

Makes me wish there was a DD-WRT distro that did load balancing and ran on an x86. Last edited: Sep 7, 2011. Jimmah Golden Member. Mar 18, 2005 1,243 0 0. Sep 7, 2011

balance-rr. Round-robin policy: Transmit packets in sequential order from the first available slave through the last. This mode provides load balancing and fault tolerance. active-backup. Active-backup policy: Only one slave in the bond is active. A different slave becomes active if, and only if, the active slave fails. Mwan3 (use multiple WAN connections together) - OpenWrt If load-balancing between multiple WAN interfaces, it is desirable to have OpenVPN clients be able to connect through all active WAN interfaces. In a multiple WAN interface failover scenario, OpenVPN will not accept client connections on the secondary WAN interface after a failover, as it started listening on the primary WAN interface when it DD-WRT