Before the airtel slow internet connection crap, my hostel is a 3G enable area and i connect to internet both daylight and midnight with a fast network speed but after the stuff, my mobile phone and modem rarely bring 2G, but thank God with this tweak, i rectify it and enjoy my 3G stability and H+ network is back without being fluctuating.

Solved: Internet slower than Spectrum claims - Welcome to That is the other confusing part. How can my wireless be faster than a hard wired connecting. And yes, I changed out my ethernet cable to the 6 foot brand new one that came with the router and received the exact same results. Not the cable. I also question why he claims to … 1gbps internet but getting really slow speeds | Tom's Sep 14, 2018

Use the troubleshooting steps below to correct an issue with a slow internet connection. 1. Reboot your network using the following steps. Turn off all equipment starting with the computers and working toward the wall. Unplug your router, if you use one, Then unplug your modem.

Mar 06, 2020 · If your laptop has shown its age, the reason why it runs slow now probably due to hardware issues. The hardware we are talking about here refers to under-performing hard drive, and inadequate memory (RAM). For instance, 4GB RAM is perhaps the minimum requirement when you use your laptop for basic office work and web browsing. Jul 14, 2017 · The speed of a network is denoted using a bit-per-second notation. Originally, networks were so slow that their speed was measured in just bits, but as network speeds increased, we started measuring internet speed in kilobits per second (remember 56k modems? That meant 56 kilobits per second), and now, megabits per second. The internet has become a necessity, and it has even been declared a basic human right by the United Nations. Unfortunately, we receive countless messages every month from people who wonder, “Why is my internet so slow all of a sudden?”

Here's how to fix slow internet while your family is

If you find yourself screaming at the computer screen while you wait forever for websites to load, maybe it’s time to find out why your internet connection is so slow. Luckily, there’s a free tool to help you do some of the detective work on your own! Read more: How to see everything Google knows about […] Internet very slow on surface book but not on other Apr 09, 2018