How To: Add a Static Route (persistent) in Sun Solaris

Linux route command help and examples Examples route -n. Shows routing table for all IPs bound to the server.. route add -net netmask dev eth0. adds a route to the network 192.56.76.x via "eth0" The Class C netmask modifier is not really necessary here because >192.* is a Class C IP address. The word "dev" can be omitted here.route add -net netmask dev eth0 11.4. Static Routes and the Default Gateway Red Hat To add a static route to a network, in other words to an IP address representing a range of IP addresses, issue the following command as root: ~]# ip route add via [dev ifname] where is the IP address of the destination network in dotted decimal notation and /24 is the network prefix. The network prefix is the number of enabled bits in the subnet mask. pppd: Fix IPv6 default route code for Solaris · paulusmack

The default route on the system in the /etc/defaultrouter is When a packet comes in for, Solaris will process it and send the answer out to the default router. It knows nothing about the default router on the 2nd network. If you place the 2nd router in /etc/defaultrouter, then Solaris just round-robins the IPs.

Routing - Softpanorama Note: Only Solaris 10 supports RIP version 2 out of the box. Routing Table. Routes are kept is a special table called routing table.The Solaris kernel stores it in memory. It contains two types of entries: Static routes are permnent entries in the route table.After such a route …

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Mar 20, 2014 Creating Persistent (Static) Routes - Configuring and Note the following additional information about creating and displaying persistent routes: View the current state of the routing table by using your regular user account. % netstat -rn. The output would be similar to the following Become an administrator. (Optional) Flush the existing entries in Solaris route command - Softpanorama Use the "route add net" command with the -netmask option to make the route command to take the netmask specified on the command line. route add net 1 -netmask Add a default route: route add default solaris 10 route add on specific interface - Server Fault