16 Worst Superhero Movies (That Aren’t Marvel Or DC)

Top 10 Worst Parody Movies - YouTube Jun 05, 2018 List of American superhero films - Wikipedia Year Film Publisher Director Distributor Worldwide gross Notes 1977: Abar, the First Black Superman: Original Frank Packard Mirror Releasing N/A A blaxploitation superhero film and the first US super hero movie of all time (according to this list) Avengers Infinity War Trailer Parody by SuperHero Kids In

May 12, 2010

The Tick. Ben Edlund’s The Tick takes the top spot, not just for its endearing and erudite lead, but … The 15 Strangest Superhero Movies Ever | CBR

5 Black Superhero Movies That Came Before Black Panther.

Deadpool's Parody of the Superhero Movie: A Sign of a Deadpool breaks down, subverts and makes fun of superhero movies. Historically, the rise of satire and parody in a genre tend to mark a certain saturation, over-familiarity and weariness. The release of Deadpool - and how enthusiastically audiences have responded to the character - signals that the future may not be unequivocally bright for superhero movies. 5 Black Superhero Movies That Came Before Black Panther. Jun 17, 2017 Superheroes that are openly gay - Looper.com Mar 04, 2020