Select Manage Add-ons > Shared Add-ons, scroll to Netflix on Us service and expand the section, then select Manage Netflix. Select Sign up for Netflix On Us. Follow the prompts to link your existing Netflix account to your T-Mobile package, or create a new Netflix account and link to your T-Mobile package.

Add the Netflix on Us feature to your plan: Go to My T-Mobile or the T-Mobile app and log in: My T-Mobile: Under the I want to box, tap the Manage add-ons link.; T-Mobile App: Tap Account > Add-Ons.; Under Services, select your desired Netflix subscription.; At the bottom of the subscription description, click the Manage Netflix link; Select the Sign up for Netflix button. Get Netflix - Microsoft Store Us netflix is stuck with old seasons and old movies unless it is a Netfllix series or movie. Don't believe me then check yourself download a VPN then put your location as Canada or Europe and login to your Netflix account and it will have all the New shows. Add missing features: 1. Let the user queue the downloads 1 by 1. Not mass download What's New on Netflix and What's Leaving in July 2020

Jul 22, 2020

Jul 07, 2020 Hack Netflix with these add-ons and tricks | Popular Science Part of Netflix's appeal is that it just works. Dig a little deeper, though, and you'll find a number of ways to customize your viewing experience.

Jun 16, 2020

Netflix adds 8.8 million new subscribers, now has 100M