You can share the internet connection of your Nokia phone to your computer so the latter one can connect to the internet using the phone's internet connection. Amazingly enough, this process will not only work for new Nokia phone. This procedure will work for most Nokia phones that have an internet capability including the older models.

How To Share Laptop/PC Internet Connection With Mobile May 09, 2015 How to Get Free Internet on Your Laptop from Your Phone Tethering your Android phone basically turns it into a mobile hotspot, allowing you to funnel a 3G or 4G internet connection from your phone into your PC or laptop via USB. As you might expect, phone carriers brought the hammer down in an effort to stop users from getting around the fees they charge to normally allow you to do this.

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Should I Ditch My ISP and Just Share My Phone's Data For example, I just pulled out the Speedtest app on my iPad, tethered it to my iPhone’s Verizon connection (three bars of coverage in my room), and ran Speedtest on my iPad, measuring 16.8 Mbps I want to use wifi on my phone for my laptop | Tom's Guide