Ubuntu is more likely to have 3 rd party support - for example, Amazon WorkSpaces is available for the Debian-family but they don't have RPMs, snaps, or flatpaks of it. CentOS and Fedora have the module system, which is a huge boon for development.

Fedora, Mint, openSUSE, Ubuntu: Which Linux desktop is for Jan 06, 2012 How to Setup Python Development Environment in Ubuntu and If you are running earlier versions of Ubuntu or Fedora, then you can install the latest Python 3.x using below commands: Ubuntu. sudo apt install python3. Fedora. sudo dnf install python3. Also, run below command to find out the path of your Python executable in the current system: which python Switching Versions as the default interpreter CentOS vs Fedora | Know The Top 8 Useful Differences

Fedora, Mint, openSUSE, Ubuntu: Which Linux desktop is for

Fedora is the largest of many free software creations of the Fedora Project. Because of its predominance, the word "Fedora" is often used interchangeably to mean both the Fedora Project and the Fedora operating system; Ubuntu: The leading OS for PC, tablet, phone and cloud. Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’.

Nov 15, 2010

Fedora vs. Ubuntu, redhat vs. canonical : Ubuntu Ubuntu is a better bet for a desktop user with less Linux experience. However, Fedora would work just as well for something like a computer lab where someone with expertise can set up the workstations. Ubuntu 20.04 vs Manjaro 20 vs Fedora 32 - Comparison Table May 06, 2020 Ubuntu Vs Fedora - Which is the Best?